Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What Men Notice First—Yes, Even Before Breasts

ood news for those of us with lingerie drawers full of push-up bras! It’s not your cleavage he's looking at instead of your's your hair! According to Glamour, a new survey found that what men really want is silky, healthy hair. The hard numbers:
74% of men indicated that they notice women because of their hair.
44% of men surveyed said that hair is the first thing they notice about a woman, more than her clothes (26%), legs (25%), or makeup (4%), and most men surveyed would be more likely to approach a woman at a bar with great hair than a woman wearing a low-cut shirt. Study Says Gentlemen Prefer Brunettes

82% of men indicated that sexy hair is a key element to a woman's overall sex appeal.

60% of men surveyed say they would rather date a woman with great hair than a woman with big breasts.

78% of men surveyed consider healthy hair to be a turn-on.

But wait...I thought we were taught that we can have it all! Love and a career. Great hair and great boobs! Now we have to choose?

Led by Pantene, the survey is hardly impartial, but do men really care about hair this much? According to Steve Ward (of VH1 Tough Love fame) yes! "Anyone can wear a low-cut blouse, but not everyone can have great hair," he tells Anyone! Steve can wear a low-cut blouse, I bet. 9 Surprising Things Men Think About Your Hair

Your hair also talks to Steve, and to all men. Says Steve: "Hair that is healthy and well-kept immediately signals to a man that you are responsible, classy, attentive, and take pride in your appearance and these are all characteristics that men look for in women." Responsible! Maybe your hair should have a resume. Besides, if good hair tells men that you are responsible and classy, what does bad hair tell them? (Sometimes mine says "I was eating Doritos earlier and got some crumbs in my hair.")

Ladies, what do you think: Does your guy really prefer your locks to everything else about you—maybe including your personality?—or does this study simplify their whims and preferences? (When asked for commentary, my boyfriend said "boooooobs," chugged a beeer, and refused to ask for directions.)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Street Art Is ESPO

We’ve always been a fan of Steve Powers ever since his earlier days when he was known as ESPO (Exterior Surface Painting Outreach), he use to kill NYC gates. Today we proudly present you one on biggest collaboration we’ve ever made: "Street Art Is Gay" crewneck is part of Carrot Fall 2009 collection. When we ask Steve to explain meaning of this piece he just said: "Street art is gay, and proud of it". Also he add: "The relationship between the street art and the street fashion is as close as rollerblades are to concrete".
Stay tuned for Fall 2009!

The ES Fashion Show at Gay Sitges Pride 2011…

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hot Sixpack Body

sixpack body

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Swedish girl Georgia Karabinis Hot Photoshoot

Georgia Karabinis is a fashion model from Sweden. She’s of polish and greek origins, no wonder whý she’s so God damn gorgeous

Friday, August 26, 2011

Hottest bulgarian guys " Martin Jelev "

oH guys! How are you guys doing today? so let me guess, wait for a new hot guys riht? Before i review a new hot guys. I would like to ask you guys,The the most important thing in bulgaria? Oh now you guys know we are in bulgarian to meet a new hot guys. Let see hot guys in bulgaria!

Hottest czech guys " Tomas Skoloudik "

oop! What's up guys?We still in czech but today we have a special guy.I think all of you guys want to know,who will come today but before we meet a new hot single guy.I have some game to play with you guys.If you guys meet this hot single guy today , what can you guys say in czech "I Love You"? don't tell me now you guys have time to find an answer and give your answer in comment .Then let see hot guys today.

Tomas Skoloudik

Who is Christophe Soumillon?
He is a hot czech guy model.(You guys can see how hot he is)

When was he born?
24 October 1985

Where was he born?
Prague,Czech Republic